Restoring respect,
improving communication

There’s a growing lack of respectful communication in our political discourse. This will only continue to frustrate legislative progress and lead to everyone talking past each other. I want to listen to the citizens of district 11B and bring a fresh, thoughtful, and considerate voice to the state house.

Why I’m Running

Much of today’s government policies are shaped or revolve around “gotcha” politics.  In depth discussion and consideration of the issues seems to have all but disappeared in today’s environment; both in St. Paul AND in Washington DC.

This doesn’t bode well for the citizens of this country and all attempts to shape policies for a positive, healthy future for America. Minnesotans deserve to be treated with respect… they deserve to have their voices heard, and their concerns addressed. In order to help people you need to be a good listener, and in order to be a good listener you need to care.

That’s why I’m running for the House 11B seat – I care!

Meet Tim

Priorities for 11B


Everyone, EVERYONE, deserves to have  access to quality, affordable healthcare.  


Senior’s lifestyles and their way of life need to be protected from those who don’t consider them important.


Minnesota has thousands of miles of roads that are in dire need of repair – the state also has thousands of bridges that are aged-out and dangerous to use.


Some communities in Minnesota have taken the lead in promoting renewable energy sources – they should be used as models for all of us around the state.


Recent Housing studies in the East Central Region of Minnesota have shown some significant shortages in workforce and affordable senior housing.


Investing in education and our young people is an investment in the future of Minnesota.